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Weight loss was the intention & by dedication towards healthy habits can be possible. Weight loss isn’t just about hitting a certain number on the scale. As losing weight takes a lot of work, including eating and exercising in a way that works for your body, engaging in healthy habits like getting enough sleep. Finding a workout is easy scrolling down, and a picking out to the session that matches your goals.

Gagan Lamba

Lost 31 KG  Proper nutrition has played a very major role in pushing me towards my fitness goal.

Bihu Sarkar

I m so much more confident with my body. i feel healthy and fit and Lost 16Kg

31 KG


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Our intense involvement with all our Clients including Individuals, Corporates, Coaches is visible in what they have to say about us

Weight Loss 18 KGS

Nikhil Aurangabadkar

It was good in all terms, most importantly what I would like to share is, the diet was just part of my routine intake or food with only difference in quantum and timings as prescribed by Arti. I was 98 kg when I joined, today I am at 80 kg. The analysis of the overall health is performed with absolute precision. Needless to say Arti has the exact required analytical acumen. Regular 30 mins of brisk walking also contributed and lastly, appreciate the hospitality extended by each and every staff member right from reception to Arti.

Lost 20 KG

Harshal Patel

I have started my journey from 96kgs before 4 months. Then I enrolled for consulted Nutritionist Arti Jain for my diet routine.with the balance of both I, now, have lost almost 20kgs. Proper nutrition has played a very major role in pushing me towards my fitness goal. I now feel more confident, fit and energetic. Thank you Ms Arti jain for an effective, interesting and easy to follow diet.

Lost 17 KG

Ashish Sood

Enrolled with Diet4Health after getting inspired by my wife’s experience and thus started it as new year resolution to get fit and have healthy routine. The weight loss journey was easier than expected as most of the diet plan was designed as per my taste and routine. And the results are quite amazing. From almost 101 Kgs in Jan 19 to 83.5 Kgs in June 19.

A BIG THANK YOU to the team of Diet 4 Health.

Weight Loss 8 KGS

Padma Agrawal

It was a very good program . Today I feel very lively and full of life. I was suffering from sevear back pain and knee pain before weight loss . After lossing weight all these problems disappeared. Dr Aarti Jain creates very supportive environment for the weight loss and keeps us motivated .

Lost 30 KG

Gagan Lamba

I started my journey from 145 kg in the month of September and within span of 4 months I reduce my weight to 114 kgs approx 30 kgs I reduced and still continuing healthy diet plan given by Diet for Health and with special guidance from Dr Aarti Jain I am sure I would be able to reach my ideal weight of 85 kgs soon

Lost 16 KG

Bihu Sarkar

it was a wonderful journey. I used to weigh 74 kgs and now im 58 kgs. but now im so much more confident with my body. i feel healthy and fit. i ‘ m so thankful to have chosen Diet4health

Lost 14 KG

Jemish Jariwala

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey to any goal is keeping motivated. Whether you’re trying to get fitter, gunning for a promotion, or on a mission to finally stop using your floor as a closet, staying on track can be tough.

This is my story , started with health problem like hypertension and gastric and acidic symptoms. We have consulted best doctors and everyone has recommended weight loss. Trying hard behind exercise, running, gym and yoga, end result is zero. Reason is,  I have not changed my diet. My weight is stable around 90 kg and I am not able to reduce it further.

My wife motivated me to consult the dietitian. We have searched on google and one of my friend recommended me about the Arti Jain – Diet4Health Nutrition & Weight Loss Clinic. I have consulted doctor on 12th Jan 2019 and i have started my journey. They have shared my diet plan and I have started working on my food diary. Initially it was very tough to follow but later on I loved it as my weight started reducing. I have started with 90 kg and today I am at 76 kg.  In just 5 months, I lost 14 kg without any health complaint. With my weight loss journey, my digestion improved a lot and now I feel more energetic, active and “I am shocked it works. There is always a new diet but this is very medically sound, which is why I loved it,”

Thanks to my wife, my mother and all family members to motivate and support for this fantastic journey.

Diet4heath team, this is for you Overall Experience Excellent

Weekly follow up, #motivation, #deep knowledge of Nutrition, #knowledge sharing #consistency, #dedication

Lost 16 KG

Rohan Kulkarni

I feel very fit and much healthier than before. It was a great experience

Lost 16 KG

Latika Kasture

I am Very Happy, Feel Good Now , Thanks To Dietitian Arti Jain & Diet4Health Team

Lost 20 KG

Vishal Patil

Very Supportive & It my dream come true, Thanks to Dietitian Arti Jain

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