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Vijaykumar Vhatkar
Navi Mumbai

My weight was above 90kgs and kept increasing daily. I have high b.p. and eat b.p. lowering medicine daily. My Doctor said frequently that I should decrease my weight to reduce load on heart of high weight. I was at a loss as to how to loose weight.At last I joined Diet4health clinic where Dr. Aarti Jain gave me diet for 3 months which caused my weight to come on 75kg from above 90kg.That means I lost 15 kgs in just 3 months without any weakness and only by eating.During these 3 months I walked for 5 minutes after each meal and didnot do any exercise. After 3 months I took weight maintanance programme from the clinic and believe me , by following this weight maintenance program ,even after 1 year my weight is 76kgs only. My blood pressure with medication used to be 145/90. After weight loss my blood pressure with medication is 114/80 even today. Dr. Aarti Jain has changed my life completly. I feel energetic all the day. This is a miracle for me. I am highly obliged for what Dr. Aarti Jain has done for me.To eat healthy and remain fit and healthy one must visit Dr. Aarti Jain's Diet4health clinic at Vashi .


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