Medi Facial

For those wanting to have younger, healthier-looking skin, a deep clean, revitalizing massaging technique will be your thing. If you seek to get a facial treatment that will really replenish your appearance, there are scientifically graded Medi-facials which can totally transform your skin.

We provide the tailor-made customized medical grade facials that could discretely be perfect for you! A standard procedure of about 45-90 min of result driven Medi-Facials could make for a radiant, younger and healthy-looking skin inside out.

We formulate unique facial approach for each client based on their particular skin type, needs and goals. The experience is inundating relaxing, but you’ll observe real changes in your skin that most conventional spa facials just don’t deliver.

That’s why the term used is “Medi-Facial” –simply a reinforcing supplemented facial harnessed towards accomplishing particular outcomes delineated to repair, restore, and revive the skin.

Most Demanding Services

Reduce your Weight with Ketogenic diet which required micronutrient combination, available for variety of veg and non veg option

This program is designed for all PCOD/PCOS complication like hormonal imbalance, Fertility, Weight Gain, Acne etc

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