Ideal For

  • After Weight loss
  • After Fat Loss
  • lifestyle Correction
  • Weight Manage
  • Keep On Track
  • Keep On Ideal Weight

Here's What You Need To Know About Diet Analysis

Weight loss incomplete without your maintenance guidance. This program teaches you how you can maintain your weight along with your life style.

Why you should enrol with this plan?

This plan helps you to live in your life style with your achieved healthy goal. Here no need to keep a diet plans to have your meal after reducing your weight.

As per our experience you can be conscious for few month for your health than start to ignore it self. So this program teaches you live healthy without compromising with your health.

What you will learn?

  • Learn to live healthy
  • Life style correction
  • Food replacement guidance
  • Correct meal choice at restaurant

  • Most Trusted Natural Weight loss program
  • 99.7% success rate *Your commitment is important*
  • Monthly Consult with Dietitian Arti Jain (Online/Offline)
  • 100% customized Diet plans
  • No pre-defined or fixed diets
  • Flexibly of Food Choice
  • Kitchen Based Diet ; No crash dieting
  • No any Burden of Super Food, Pills or supplements
  • Long-term sustainable diets
  • Monthly Body FAT Assessment
  • Access to all content in mobile app including recipes, Activity Suggestion etc.
  • Unlimited chat support
  • Weekly Monitoring & Maintenance  tips
  • Eating Out Guideline while you’re travelling or at a party
  • Self-correction tendency, Right Food selection



99.7 %

On Track

99 %


99 %


Client Speak

Mr Ggagan Lamaba

Lose 24KG 

Ms Manasi

Lose 10KG 

Mr Abhishek Parashar

Lost 17 KG

Most Demanding Services

Reduce your Weight with Ketogenic diet which required micronutrient combination, available for variety of veg and non veg option

This program is designed for all PCOD/PCOS complication like hormonal imbalance, Fertility, Weight Gain, Acne etc

How to get started in 4 easy steps?

Client happiness always matter

All Success Stories

Our intense involvement with all our Clients including Individuals, Corporates, Coaches is visible in what they have to say about us

Lost 18 KG

Nikhil Aurangabadkar

It was good in all terms, most importantly what I would like to share is, the diet was just part of my routine intake or food with only difference in quantum and timings as prescribed by Arti. I was 98 kg when I joined, today I am at 80 kg. The analysis of the overall health is performed with absolute precision. Needless to say Arti has the exact required analytical acumen. Regular 30 mins of brisk walking also contributed and lastly, appreciate the hospitality extended by each and every staff member right from reception to Arti.

Lost 16 KG

Bihu Sarkar

it was a wonderful journey. I used to weigh 74 kgs and now im 58 kgs. but now im so much more confident with my body. i feel healthy and fit. i ‘ m so thankful to have chosen Diet4health

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