Anti-Dandruff Therapy

Dandruff is typically seen because the dust on hair where in TV advertisements it gets blown away by a women’s breathe-blow round the shoulder. But ever thought what exactly dandruff is? it’s simply the dead scalp skin which gets flaked thanks to wearing out of the skin cells on the scalp.

Itching, irritation and what not! Dandruff and hair loss problem are considered together of the foremost common scalp disorder issues faced by today’s teen and young men and ladies .

it’s a incontrovertible fact that keratinocytes plays an important role within the generation of immunological reactions while forming dandruff. Dandruff Hair Loss treatment clinics have worked and researched on different causes related to dandruff and hair infection. And Diet4Health is one among the Best Hair clinics in Mumbai, providing the simplest dandruff treatment in Navi Mumbai.

Deep Scalp cleaning and Nourishment is important part of the antidandruff treatment .Diet4health has advance vacuum and Mesoporation technique to clean and nourish the effected scalp .

 Our Hair Expert follow below step-

  • Consultation
  • Diagnosed
  • Suggestion
  • Monitoring
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