Anti Pigmentation

We live in a hot, tropical country which is exposed to a high amount of sunlight throughout the year. The sunlight affects the texture and colour of the skin, add to it the quality of water we use during baths and pollution. All of these factors darken the skin and take away its natural glow.

Skin pigmentation happens when the body produces excess melanin causing dark patches. It is one of the most common skin conditions in the world. Skin pigmentation is completely treatable and reversible!

At  Sculpt’OFit skin and Hair clinic we have studied all of the factors and created customized Skin Glow and Skin Whitening treatments for our clients. Our mission with skincare treatments is to restore the youthful, unblemished skin and reenergize it for long-lasting results.

Our Cosmetologists promise you that we will restore your skin to its youthful, natural glow with the best skincare treatments at Sculpt’OFit powdered by Diet4health

How do we treat Skin Pigmentation? 

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are one of our patients’ most popular depigmentation choices, because of their effectiveness and long-lasting results.

Q-Switched lasers produce extremely short bursts of energy. A Q-switched device is capable of producing massive amounts of power instantaneously. This peak power is what plays a role in breaking patches of pigmented skin.

Chemical Peels

This combination of chemical exfoliates stops the formation of abnormal melanin pigmentations. It further breaks the cohesion of the corneal layer of keratinocytes.

This combination of chemical exfoliants stops the formation of abnormal melanin pigmentations. It further breaks the cohesion of the corneal layer of keratinocytes.

In Sculpt’OFit we take care  Client skin and choose peels according inly


Electroporation is the latest and advanced way for transdermal penetration of cosmeceuticals and aroma products. Basically, electroporation sends electrical pulses deeper into the layers of the skin and pushes medicinal products directly inside. This treatment is extremely effective because electroporation can break the barrier of the human skin quickly which other skin peels and products cannot.

At  Sculpt’OFit powdered by Diet4health  , Cosmetologist performs this procedure with utmost care and precision.  Electroporation benefits dry skin by hydrating it amply and quickly. It brightens the skin tone and evens out the colouring of the skin.

Frequent Ask Question

You should have a consultation with a specialist who would analyse your skin problems and judge the suitability of the LASER treatments.

No, LASERS are known to need a number of sessions for optimum effect.

The post LASER sequelae will depend on the type of laser used. Ablative LASERs make the skin red and hot. It may scab or become dark. The scab or darkness falls off but may take approximately one-week duration. It eventually does so. Rarely there can be hyperpigmentation, which will eventually settle. Non Ablative LASERS rarely cause any of such post-laser sequelae.

If LASER is used judiciously they are safe, However, sometimes post LASER sun exposure or lack of skin care can result in hyperpigmentation. This post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is treatable

While the skin is healing, one should use a post-laser recovery formula diligently. Absolute sunblock’s or high SPF sunblock’s are important to protect from hyperpigmentation while the skin is healing. The Cosmetologist at Aesthetics Medispa will give you all the instructions.

Anyone with loss of skin elasticity due to sun damage, fine lines or wrinkles, solar pigmentation, and dull lustreless skin are candidates for LASER rejuvenation.

The skin should become brighter, smoother and shinier. There should be an improvement in the glow. The pores should become smaller.

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