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Wheat Flour – 30 gm

Salt – 1 tsp

Oil- 1Tsp

Warm water as needed

For Stuffing:

Cabbage-2 cups grated finely

ONION small -1

Coriander Powder -1 tsp

Chilli Powder-1 tsp

Cumin seeds -1 tsp

Salt to taste

A.      Mix flour and salt. Pour some warm water and make into a soft dough. Cover this with a bowl and let it rest for 30 mins.

B.      Stuffing-

1.       Heat oil in a kadai. Add in cumin seeds and crackle it.

2.       Add in onion and mix well. Add in cabbage and mix well.

3.       Season with salt. Add in chilli and coriander powder and mix well.

4.       Cook this until all water evaporates and the mixture gets dry. This will take around 10-15 mins.

5.       Remove this to a bowl and let it cool down.

6.       Now divide the dough into equal portions. Take one dough and roll a bit.

7.       Spoon some stuffing in this and seal from all sides.

8.       Roll this carefully without giving pressure. This paratha will be a little bit thick..

9.       Heat a tawa and put this paratha in it. Cook on one side for 1 min. Now flip it over and apply some oil and cook on other side till everything is nice and golden.

10.   Remove this and serve with given options.

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