Health at Corporate


Health Promotion

We know the importance of health and wants to educate others also. Its includes-

1) Nutrition Talk Session
2) Seminar and presentation
3) Health Quiz shows for employees
4) Individual Dietary Advice
5) Nutritional and body assessment
6) Newsletters and Nutritional educating material
7) Nutrition seminar for kids eating pattern and life style


Dietetics Catering

1) Menu planning for cafeteria or canteen, which Includes Healthier Option to lead the productivity of organization
2) Review/ Audit menu panning taking care of , quality, hygiene and health standards
3) Dietetic and nutritional guidelines for menus for cafeteria to manage healthier meals options, using our healthy tasty recipes


Diet and Health

WE planned the health events for different sector as per the organization requirements.

1) Special day Health awareness campaign.
2) Healthy Cookery shows
3) Women’s health workshop
4) Monthly Employees workshop


GYM Partnership

We are inviting Gym partner to improve their Business Goal, Our intention to provide qualitative services with easy approach which can give lead you to increase happy clients database with minimize CAPEX and OPEX.

1) Customized service offer based on requirement

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