Glow Your Skin through Diet in this Festive Season

Look beautiful is a desire which comes from every women’s specially in festive season. India is in festive mood during august to December. So all women are ready to be more beautiful. But the thing is one looks beautiful with lots of make-up is not enough .Real beauty is seen if you are healthy and your body is nourished with all essential nutrients. Glowing skin is one of the most wanted requirement among all. To get a healthy skin, one have to take healthy diet.

Anti-oxidants are one major key to unlock healthy skin. Vitamin C and Vitamin E is natural anti-oxidants which we can get easily through food. 

Some vitamin C rich foods are orange, sweet lime, amla, lemon, green chillis etc. Sprouts are also rich in vitamin C. 

Vitamin E is available in good portion in almonds, walnuts, Sunflower seeds, avocado, kiwi etc.  Broccoli, drumstick are good source of anti-oxidants. Some oils are enriched with vit E which is very good for heart and health. It can hydrate your skin, improve complexion, removes all kind of patches etc.

 Green tea is excellent source of it also. It have good proportion of Flavonoids to glow your skin, removal of toxin from your body is very important.

Anti toxin diet may help you to improve skin health. Remember rather than outer beauty, inner beauty is important which can improve only through your good and healthy diet.

BE BEAUTIFUL, BE GLOWY in this festive season

                             - Dietitian Arti jain , Chief Nutritionist

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