Keep Yourself Hydrate


               Without Water there is no life, that’s why it is called sometimes “liquid oxygen”.  The adult human body contain 60% of water. It means without or less water intake will affect our body function badly.

Question is why you need enough water intake?

  • Water keeps your skin young, wrinkle free, hydrates
  • Adequate water intake water helps to reduce stress from your skin
  • Adequate water intake helps for good weight loss
  • Enough water require for all digestive function like Saliva secretion, Enzyme activity, Nutrient absorption, bowel movements
  • It is a good detoxifies which helps to excrete wastage product and toxic from our body those are responsible for many disease
  • It also help to maintain the body temperature especially during high grade fever stop to overheat body
  • It helps to keep our body moist especially in sensory area. It Lubricate the cartilage and joint for healthy joint movements
  • It helps to protect our body organs and tissues
  • Water is the major contain in blood which helps to supply oxygen or nutrient to our body cells
  • Water is working in our body as diluter which helps in different process like digestion, circulation, absorption and transfer of nutrients

Tips to increases your liquid intake

  • Keep a water bottle when you are going out. that help to maintain enough water intake
  • Instead of plain water you may take lemon water, orange water or coconut water, Soups, fruit juices, butter milk, juicy fruit like water melons , oranges etc
  • Drink enough water during your workout time
  • In hot weather or in fever when sensible water loss increases try to have more water for the recovery
  • If you forget to drink water, use reminder which initially help you to develop your practice

    Stay Healthy and save Water!!

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