Fitness and work both word are link to our life. We are engaged with the work every time, female has responsibility for Home, office, to take care kids and family and also busy with the same other reason. We are playing multiple roll. But we are ignoring our health due to short of time. 

My Question are :
Why you are keeping your health separate from your life?
Why we are not giving equally priority like other responsibilities?

Think about it, ignorance of health is easy. But once body suffer from any illnesses it become priority so why we are waiting for any disease. Keep your health as a part of your life. Care your health just like your child. 
“If you will think positive and start to give priority to yourself the things will be manageable.”


Hi friends, I am sittings and thinking about yes or no. Most of people confused between do or don’t.
I want to lose weight but don’t want to think about changes or may don’t want to take this call. 
I want to look like my college time but don’t want to give time like these days.

Once client come to me and they start to think about themselves 10% but the 90% is challenging for them. I find most of time they start with “NO” mean people don’t want to change own self, but gradually they think “They are not compromising with their habits and enjoying their life also with all changes” which turned it No to Yes.
Once achieve the result as per their expectation they start believe in Program and want to continue to new and young feeling toward healthy life style. Therefore in this particular situation “YES” won the match and you will be confidant about your journey Success.
Myself A+Ve Deititian Arti hope you will win this match very soon.  I am always with you in this Yes Vs No fight.

           Enjoy Healthy Life with Diet4Health

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