Diwali is a beautiful festival among all the festival in India. It’s a festival of lights, where we share lots of love through gifting a snacks, sweet, chocolates etc. Diwali is festival where we are explore to more food variety and can’t denies to the food offer from relatives, family and friends. Weight gain in Diwali can be possible let’s get rid this fat .They always force by saying “Are Diwali hai saal me ek baar aati hai chalta hai. Itne se kya hoga” Diwali snacks are fried, contain lots sugar, fat with lots of empty calories. During Diwali we really don’t think about calorie we enjoy eating without any fear. If we noticed after Diwali this ultimately result in loss of more weight gain. 

DETOXIFY YOUR BODY-First detoxify your body especially post festival, include more fresh fruits and vegetable .Start your day with good detoxifier like veg juices to get back your body from festive effect and release toxic as well. This will help you to cleanse your digestive system and help you to reduce bloating.

Drink plenty of water at least 14-16 glasses per day which will help you to flush to toxins out of body ,it help to energies your body muscle , give satisfaction and maintain bowl movements.

Leave all laziness and start to burn your excess calorie with light to moderate workout as per your choice. It helps to keep you happier, increases energy, glow your skin even with healthy weight loss.

Eat small and frequent meal – Small portion size of meal help to reduce extra calories from your body, maintain blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism. 

Daily 7-8 hour of sleep helps your body repair and rejuvenate the wear and tear in the muscles as well as eradicate the harmful toxins.

Include bowl of curd which contain pack of healthy probiotic which improve your digestive system and guts.

Avoid sweets, chocolates, cookies, fried food, junk food etc.

Diet4Health Weight loss program is a unique approach which not only guide  for diet even help to correct life style in a right way with self-correction method with the help of natural approach No excuse for weight loss program.

           Diet4health wish you happy and healthy Diwali…………


Dietitian Arti Jain

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    After Diwali weight loss Tips