Is weight loss and fit body your New Year resolutions in this year ?

New Year is coming with full of joy and enthusiasm and energy. If I am not wrong you all are ready to do warm welcome with your new goals or resolutions. Let’s make your health goal practically possible with following tips

1. Start to think about yourself;
    I know  you all are so busy  with your routine work but be conscious about your life style and whenever get time think about your habits, eating pattern so you can understand what is your status and what do you want exactly.

2. Imagine and feel happy to think, how you will look after shedding extra kilos :
   See yourself in a mirror and make outline and give yourself a target for healthy weight shedding.

3. Choose few old dresses or shirt in which you want to get fit
     Actually this is very good ideas sometime when you see your old clothes when you was slim can give you motivation because many good memories also involve to motivate you.

4. Never keep your health  aside, take it in a priority :
    Health is very precious like saving account so why we aren’t thinking to improve it.  I now you all are thinking somewhere you will start sometime but that day takes time to come due to motivation. New Year is good time to boost your thinking give priority.

5. Enjoy Healthy Journey :
     Never think you will have to stop all other work to shed your body. Even with all office trips and party you may reduce your weight.  So enjoy your weight loss journey with your life style.

6. Always give few minutes to your Health
    Make habit to give few minutes to your health help you to get conscious about yourself. It can be activity or dancing, meditation, health magazine etc.

7. Get rid of negativity 
    Why you are thinking so much.  Can I do this or I can’t? All these question in your mind cause fear. Don’t worry and overnight you cannot change yourself? You will have to change few things not whole habits.  Be positive with your health goal.

If you focus on few minor things which will give you major changes.

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A+Ve Dietician ARTI JAIN
Chief Nutrition Consultant & Co-Founder of DIET4HEALTH

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